A fresh name among thousands of copies... A fresh name among thousands of copies... $BEPIS Time to compete with other dogs Join our Telegram Community Chat
Static Farming Earn $BEPIS tokens just by holding it
in your wallet
Locked Liquidity Liquidity is locked for 2 years,
as well as team tokens
Aiming for Utility The community is focused on increasing the utility of the token through apps and games
$BEPIS Burned
Market cap
This is more than just a meme dog
Circulation supply of $BEPIS decreases automatically with every transaction. More than 50% of the total supply is already burnt.
Hold $BEPIS in your wallet and earn $BEPIS with every transaction as reflection
Automatic Liquidity Pool 4% tax is used to automatically generate liquidity locked up in PancakeSwap
Low Market Cap In fact, it's still extremely low! The market capitalization of the token is only several hundred thousand of dollars, which gives room for growth at times in near future!
Locked Team Tokens 4% of the total supply will be gradually released to the project team over the year via PinkSale (Anti-Rug) contract. Team tokens will be also used for marketing purposes & community events.
Doxxed Team Buy with confident. We're trying to gain your trust as much as possible. Team has successfully passed Pinksale KYC
Setting high goals We have the ambition to enter the entertainment marketplace as a cool, unique, community-driven brand. Including current trends like NFT, games and DApps!
Looking for a whitepaper? Download Whitepaper
How does it work? meet the taxes
4% Rewards
4% Liquidity
1% Marketing & Development
2% Burn
SWAP FOR $BEPIS NOW $ CURRENT PRICE FOR ONE $BEPIS Get BNB in your smart chain wallet Connect your wallet to the exchange Set slippage from 12 to 15% AND... MAKE SWAP SEE DETAILED INSTRUCTION
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Use "WalletConnect" for a more comfortable experience when you're on a smartphone!
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to see gained rewards!
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Use "WalletConnect" for a more comfortable experience when you're on a smartphone!
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Have your own vision or ideas?
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You ask questions...
I'm new here. How to buy $BEPIS? Follow the detailed instructions provided under "SWAP FOR $BEPIS" section. How to recieve rewards / static farming? It's an automatic process. You DON NOT have to claim it or pay gas for it / or login anywhere else. Buy and hold tokens in your wallet. That's it! How does the burning process work? This happens automatically on every transaction. The 2% in $BEPIS is sent to the "Dead Address". That's it! What tax is charged on each transaction? Fixed rate of 11% for both sale and purchase / transfer. For how long is LP locked? LP locked for two years since 26th November 2021. When was the token launched? Token launched on 26th November 2021 Who should I contact for partnership? Please email us at [email protected]
What is the total supply? Total supply is 500,000,000 $BEPIS Can you mint more tokens? No. It is NOT possible. Can you change the amount of fees / taxes or rewards? This is not possible in the current contract. We can only disable all taxes / rewards for everyone. Is this a rebase token? Technically, we can't change the max supply of the token. Burned tokens are sent to the BSC Dead Address that no one can access. What is the utility of the token? We plan to grow the utility of the token by engaging community developers to create apps and games that use $BEPIS token. Who regulates the price of the token? The price of the token is regulated entirely by market demand through the automatic market maker (AMM) PancakeSwap Algorithm.
PHASE 1 Website Launch & Project announcement Contract Audit Initial Marketing Phase Launching Regional Communities Pinksale Launchpad Pre-Sale Growing 4,000 telegram members Token Launch Reach 500 Holders Rubic Exchange Integration CoinMarketCap Listing Coingecko Listing Reach 1,000 holders Create DApps Developers Hub Establish strong set-minded community Viral Marketing Get first mass media attention PHASE 2 Multilanguage Website Alpha & Beta DApps tests Introduce first $BEPIS game Reach 25,000 holders Reach $0.01 price for the token PHASE 3 Launch NFT collection Launch first merchandise Reach 100,000 holders Real-World Physical Marketing Reach $1.00 price for the token PHASE 4 Getting partnerships with huge brands Introduce a working media-platform Organize first $BEPIS Festival PHASE 5 TO BE ANNOUNCED...
Initial Allocation
500,000,000 $BEPIS Total supply WE BURNED 50% of that in the beginning Pre-Sale Tokens The total number of tokens available for purchase for contributors on the Pre-Sale. Liquidity Pool The number of tokens sent to the pool to provide liquidity with a lock for 2 years. Locked Team Tokens Locked tokens will be gradually released within a year every month after the pre-sale and are intended to be used for community purposes such as marketing, contests, rewards and other events to promote the token and its value. Initial Burn 50% of the tokens were burned before the pre-sale started. See the transaction...

You need wallet which supports Binance Smart Chain. In fact, there are a bunch of them.

For example, let's use the simplest and most promising Trust Wallet which is designed for smartphones.

Download the app, create your wallet and don't forget to write down your 12 word recovery phrase in safe place, which acts as a backup for you funds.

You can find a detailed guide on how to create a wallet with Trust Wallet on the Binance Docs.

And here's also a list of supported wallets for Binance Smart Chain.

We would recommend to use MetaMask if you work mostly on Desktop. However, you can migrate later...


Next step is load your wallet with BNB (BEP-20, BSC).
Please, note and check twice, you need BEP-20 BNB (Smart Chain).

You can buy BNB on your favourite exchange, like Binance and withdraw it to your wallet. But don't forget you need to choose BEP-20 BNB when withdrawing or exchanging.

We recommend to use Ramp to buy BNB with your credit card.

Find your wallet address if you use TrustWallet:

1. Open TrustWallet > Wallet and tap on "Smart Chain".

2. Tap "Receive" and you'll see the QR code and your BSC wallet address below it.

3. Tap "Copy" to copy your Address.

Once you have BNB in your wallet, you are ready to next step — SWAP FOR $BEPIS.


You can use various decentralized exchanges to swap for $BEPIS, like Rubic Exchange, Bogged.Finance, PooCoin, DexTools or PancakeSwap

The steps are standard for all of them.

Currently, it is better to do it with Bogged.Finance if you use Trust Wallet to avoid issues with multi-chain wallet support on Rubic Exchange.


Connect your wallet to the exchange
We recommend to use "WalletConnect" if you are operating Trust Wallet on your smartphone.


Set slippage at least to 12%


Set how many $BEPIS tokens you'd like to buy for your BNB
Remember that the buy and sell tax is 11%, regarding the tokenomics.


Make a SWAP for $BEPIS by pressing the button

Still confused? :/
Contact us [email protected] or ask our Global Telegram Community